With the 2012 election behind us we know PPACA is here to stay. Here is the new normal for healthcare purchasers:

Providers continue to be the primary influencer on health behaviors and health resource utilization. Health reform has sparked new contracting relationships and delivery models. Fortunately, leading edge providers are working hard to meet the challenge, embracing new care models, new technologies, and new strategies to optimize care and its delivery.

Employers and unions will now need to work closely with providers and plans to bend the benefits cost curve and improve the health outcomes of their employees and members. Do you know where your benefits strategy is headed?

Topics covered include:

  • PPACA’s impact on the delivery system: progress and challenges for healthcare stakeholders.
  • Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes – How they work and their value proposition for employers.
  • How the change in provider financial incentives impacts employer costs and employee health outcomes.
  • Health plan responses to provider transformation and the downstream impact on their provider negotiations and communications with employers.
  • Understanding the contracting process between health plans and hospitals and health plans and physicians.
  • Encouraging employees to seek providers with the best health outcomes and value.
  • How innovative employers are using alternative delivery models of care like retail health clinics and onsite medical clinic to improve employee health.
  • Effective use of products like narrow and tiered networks and centers of excellence to bend the benefits cost curve.
  • How health plans are driving change in healthcare delivery for the achievement of better outcomes and value.
  • And more!